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Court House -

Be'er Sheva

היכל המשפט - באר שבע




Be'er Sheva, Israel



Commissioned By

Israel Government

The structure integrates and centralizes all the judicial courts in the south. The building has 40 courtrooms, 55 judges' chambers, an entrance hall that rises to the height of the building, foyers and waiting areas, a multi-purpose hall, a cafeteria, a library, a judges' club, service and maintenance, archives and detention rooms.

The design of the building turns the court into a visual and cultural symbol, which respects the individual and creates a user-friendly environment.

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The building used natural building materials that were used thousands of years ago, but with contemporary technology. The massive stone walls extend from the outside to the inside and the transparent glass surfaces connect and link the inside of the building to the landscape, where the absolute separation between the various people is mainly expressed: judges, audience, detainees and housekeeping and maintenance personnel.

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