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Florentin Square
כיכר פלורנטין




Tel-Aviv, Israel




Trigo Real Estate & CITYEL Holdings


Under Construction

SQUARE, is a unique residential complex that differs from all the projects in Tel Aviv.
A project that includes four buildings and a 17-story tower, with the planned construction corresponding well with the urban language of the neighborhood, and compatible with the fabric of life there, an entire block consisting of buildings at zero line with the sidewalk, with commerce on the ground floor, and residences on the floors above, all of these surround an inner square for pedestrians, which is an island of "a different atmosphere", in the heart of the pulsating urbanism.

The finishing materials chosen for the project - curtain walls for maximum light entry, and louver panels for shading, will set a new standard in the Florentine area.
The project is a change maker, and will be the new face of the Florentine neighborhood.

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Florentine Square is a story of mixed uses.
A historic textured building was planned on Selma and Abulafia boulevards with the integration of a building for preservation in Selma, behind a tall building.

This whole building sits on a spacious inner park.
In the project, a building for conservation that we turned into an office building on the ground floor with commerce along the entire contour of the lot.

We carried out the expropriation up to Sderot Abulafia for increasing the seating areas and cafes in the project,
which contributes to the entire commercial wing of the project and creates a high-quality commercial sequence along the entire axis with an emphasis on the benefit to our complex.

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