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בלו תל-אביב




Tel-Aviv, Israel




Canada Israel



The Blue complex was designed as a private neighborhood that includes 300 luxury apartments in 6 buildings.
A project that draws its inspiration and power from its unique location. A prestigious complex located near the northern shores of Tel Aviv,
close distance from the water of the cliff beach, 5 minutes drive from the city center, 5 minutes drive from Herzliya and 2 minutes walk from the sea.

The project was designed in a way that would allow a correct interpretation that emphasizes the natural environment,
High ceilings and huge floor-to-ceiling windows, which bring in the magnificent views and the sense of space and give the apartments a modern and unique look. Each building in the project is characterized by high standards of design.
Throughout the project you will find ecological pools, deck paths and green gardens.
The residents of the project enjoy country club services that include a semi-Olympic indoor pool,
Fully equipped gym, spa and treatment rooms, outdoor pool, manicured gardens and more.

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In the first position there were 7 H-shaped buildings that only half of the apartments have a sea view, and some of them not at all.
We chose to create buildings in the shape of a cylinder, so that it would make it possible that from every apartment you can see the sea.
Due to the underground parking lot, a concrete ceiling was created up to the boundaries of the lot, which led us to the idea of sealing it and creating round objects that sit on pools of water.
The ponds are ecological, whose maintenance costs are lower than watering a lawn, because their evaporation is only up, and not down.
The air conditioners return the water that is lost to the ponds and tanks and keep them full.
This is the first time that the Tel Aviv municipality has approved water pools on line 0 at the intersection with an urban street and not planting as in most projects.

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