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Tidhar on the Park
תדהר על הפארק




Yavne, Israel







The green neighborhood of the new Yavne, in the south of the city, a green residential complex, with 30 buildings numbering about 1,000 housing units, kindergartens, a school, a neighborhood shopping center and community centers in two intimate residential districts.

The buildings in the neighborhood are immersed in green parks - with a total area of over 40,000 square meters - which are covered with rich vegetation, games and sports facilities, bicycle and walking paths.

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Tidhar 3.jpg

The original City Construction Plan had green areas scattered throughout the complex, and we created a new CCP that unites everything into one large garden that connects to Nahal Yavne, and between the buildings there is a passage through a spacious park that leads to the Education complex and commercial buildings without the need to cross roads.

This is how the project was successfully marketed - the green Yavne on the park. Young couples with children bought there because there was no need to cross any roads.

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