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Yaffo Ba'sdera

יפו בשדרה




Jaffa, Israel







The design rationale of Jaffa in the Sdera is based on the unique characteristics of Sderot Jerusalem, with a contemporary twist.


Buildings that sit side by side, on the street line, in a building sequence with a uniform texture.

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The Jaffa project in the Sdera was defined from the beginning with low execution costs per meter, according to the guidance of the developer and the location.

(Jaffa on the Bat Yam border)

Therefore, the design in the form of the three-dimensional volumes that we created are skeletal and are carried out by the main contractor - the skeleton contractor, and the finish is plaster with a color system.


It is possible for us as architects, even at a low cost of construction, to create a high-quality and designed structure that enabled its successful marketing.

The only thing that we used as a special element is the hypoepic columns in the front of the low building that received a modern interpretation in the project.

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