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Lighthouse 1.jpg

The Light House

לייט האוס (מגדלור)




bat Yam, Israel






Under Construction

A design and engineering story.
An unusual project in an urban complex of Bat Yam.
A kind of design and marketing beacon, an icon that sold above the market price.
The design is of a gold bullion, gold has always been iconic and has historical qualities that do not change.

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Lighthouse 3.jpg
Lighthouse 4.jpg

The design and engineering process made it possible to shorten the construction time by about 8 months of work by a contractor in the field, the construction of a curtain wall shell grows simultaneously with the construction of the skeleton. ,(like an office building).

The shortening of the time significantly reduced the cost of the project and allowed us architects to design a residential building with curtain walls. (which is not as usual in other residential projects due to the costs).


The sales and marketing prices were about 25% higher than the sales prices in the area due to the special design that stands out in its anonymous environment.

Lighthouse 5.jpg
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