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Inspection Compound, Haifa Airport
מכוני בדק, שדה התעופה חיפה




Haifa, Israel



Commissioned By

Israel Airports Authority

Following the decision to stop the activity at the Herzliya airport, a new airport will be prepared.
Until the new airport is operational, an interim solution is required for the activities that take place there today, and therefore the Haifa airport will be qualified for this and will absorb the activity vacated from the Herzliya airport.

As part of the training, testing institutes will be established for general aviation that will become vacant.

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The project will include a shed and attached annex for three testing institutes, an outdoor treatment area with an area for running engines and washing aircrafts, an energy center, technical facilities, development area for the entire complex including paving and other systems. The project is part of the development of the airport.

2 (6).jpg
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